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This time last year, running back Derrick Henry was just settling into his new team, in Tennessee.He’d been through a whirlwind year that included a Heisman Trophy honor, training for the NFL Combine, pre-draft visits and finally the NFL Draft.Authentic NFL Jerseys.when the Titans selected him.He’s spent this offseason focused on training, and improving.“I’ve just worked hard,’’ Henry said on Tuesday. “I worked out Monday through Sunday, just making sure my body was in shape, running, making sure I was prepared when I got back. I focused on me getting better. Whatever I struggled at last year, I want to get better at that, and be a better player. Jerseys From China.I want to be better, that is the main goal, the main focus.”Henry created some sports talk radio chatter when he was absent the first two weeks of the team’s voluntary offseason program.

Titans weren’t ready last season. Before Nashville was famous for catfish, before Marcus Mariota’s broken leg, Tennessee was being pushed around in a decisive Christmas Eve game in Jacksonville. Cheap NFL Jerseys.The franchise traveled the NFL road from laughingstock (five wins combined in two years) to competitive (9-7 in 2016) in a hurry, outmuscling two AFC contenders in December wins while joining the NFL’s middle class in scoring defense and offense. Parts of the roster remained undercooked, however, and general manager Jon Robinson knew it.The signing of Eric Decker on Sunday evening completed a dramatic overhaul of the Titans’ receiver group, matched only by wholesale changes in the secondary. The contract, and the ready-made feature stories touring Decker’s Nashville home, cemented the Titans’ status as this season’s AFC It Team. custom jerseys.Ready or not, it’s their time on center stage.

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In case anyone has amnesia after the Predators loss in the Stanley Cup Finals, there are big things on the horizon for the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee has one of the best offensive lines in the NFL and it will only improve.Consistency is one of the most important recipes for success in the NFL. Cheap Football Jerseys.If a team can be consistent, they have a better chance of winning a championship. Think of it this way: if you have a new job, it may take you some time to get to know the people you are working with. Even if you have early success with that group of people, if one leaves it could really ruin the whole output of the company.Jerseys For Sale. If you and your coworkers stay together for a while, then everything becomes second nature and more comfortable. Well, the Tennessee Titans offensive line is like you and your job. The more time you spend with your co-workers, the better you should all do together.

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